The Settlement They Offered Me Was Too Low


We often get calls from potential clients stating that they have been offered a settlement and they feel it was too low. There are a number of reasons the caller may feel this way. The most obvious reason is that it is too low. The insurance company wants to settle the claim and move on. They are not concerned with how you will live or what kind of lifestyle you will have after settlement. Another reason may be that injured parties often feel there should be compensation for their pain and suffering. Unfortunately, in workers’ compensation there is no value for pain and suffering and that will not equate to a monetary payment.

The value of a workers’ compensation claim comes from where the medical leads the file. If an approved workers’ compensation doctor has you out of work then weekly benefits may be owed. When that doctor puts you back to work he may assign you an impairment rating and that will factor into the value of your claim. You may also need continued medical care, even if that is only a few times a year. That will also go into the value of your claim but it will be based off of the Georgia workers’ compensation fee scheduled price.

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