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Ramos & Law is an award-winning law firm that focuses exclusively on workers’ compensation needs throughout Georgia. Our lawyers are recognized experts in the area of Georgia workers’ compensation. In fact, Mr. Ramos has received top honors as having the “Highest Possible Peer Review Rating in Legal Ability and Ethical Standards.”

We take pride and care in understanding our clients’ needs, and we fight to maximize your recovery under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act. While employees are often at a disadvantage when injured on the job, our legal team works harder than others to level the playing field with the insurance company. If you are injured on the job, you need a dedicated team of experts working for you. The system is not always fair, but we have experienced attorneys who will care and fight for you through the process.


We exclusively represent Georgia's injured workers.

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We return every phone call with compassion and care.


Leveraging our expertise, we will craft a unique legal strategy that suits your needs.

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We aggressively pursue your workers’ compensation claim to the fullest extent of Georgia law.



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Workers' Compensation Attorney


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“I opened Ramos & Law in 2005 out of my commitment to serve workers and tradespeople in Georgia. My decision to practice workers’ compensation law exclusively came after working as an insurance defense attorney for many years. Frankly, I identified more with the employees than with the insurance company.

I know how the insurance industry works. Its goal is to save money by any means necessary. They try to starve people out and beat them down. It is just a game to them.

When I come on board a case, I level the playing field. We are intentionally a small law firm so that we can select the clients we believe in. We do not accept every case, as we do not offer cookie-cutter representation. In some law firms, it is unlikely that a client will ever talk to an attorney. That is not our firm. If we accept your case, you will speak to your attorney and legal team as we work to get the best results for you.

At Ramos & Law, we will listen to your story, analyze the facts and law, and provide you with an honest assessment of your case. We know Georgia workers’ compensation law. We live it every day.”

Attorney Bryan Ramos

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1. We represent the injured employee in workers’ compensation cases.

Our lawyers and staff are dedicated exclusively to advancing the interest of Georgia’s labor force and the injured worker. We are a boutique firm that exclusively handles Georgia workers’ compensation cases for injured employees.

2. We work for injured employees to secure the best medical and financial recoveries.

By becoming a client of Ramos & Law, you will have a legal team dedicated to improving your medical situation and the financial crisis caused by a work-related accident.

3. We are always preparing your case for trial.

We presume the insurance company will deny your case, and we must be prepared to combat them. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being attentive to your needs and compassionate towards your unique situation.

4. We provide you with meaningful options for resolving your case.

We understand the dynamics and obstacles of managing a workers’ compensation claim and trying to create a life after the claim is over. After we have tailored your litigation, built your case, and mapped out the future handling of your case, we will present you with thoughtful options on how to move forward.


Our logo represents our commitment to Georgia’s injured workers. We understand that being physically injured and emotionally coping with the possibility (or reality) of losing the ability to work can be devastating.

We appreciate that many aspects of your life are in turmoil because of your work injury. The blue color in our logo represents the stability our firm strives to provide you with a solid litigation plan to secure your best possible recovery.

We understand that there is life after the workers’ compensation claim. The green color in our logo represents the growth potential and the establishment of a better quality of life once we exit the workers’ compensation system.

Lastly, we realize that being injured on the job and going through the workers’ compensation system can make you feel like you have lost some dignity. The diamond shape represents the value we place on our clients and serves as a reminder of the level of service we aim for when rendering legal services.

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