Bryan C. Ramos, Esq.

Georgia’s advocate for injured workers

Bryan Ramos is committed to achieving exceptional results with a sincere commitment to his clients. With extensive knowledge of the inner workings between complex legal systems and political structures, he helps injured workers of all backgrounds get fair treatment and results. Mr. Ramos believes that Georgia workers deserve the very best efforts from their attorneys and is committed to obtaining the best results and highest possible recovery for his clients.

Raised in North Florida and South Georgia, Mr. Ramos is a graduate of Florida State University and Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in Georgia. He has been practicing law in Georgia since 1999. In 2005, he opened Ramos & Law in Atlanta to focus exclusively on assisting Georgia’s injured workers.

Bryan Ramos is a litigator who has dedicated his practice to Georgia’s injured workers.

He has effectively handled thousands of workers’ compensation cases as a litigator. As a former insurance defense lawyer, Mr. Ramos became well-versed in the ruthless insurance tactics designed to deprive well-deserving workers of their earned benefits. After many years of representing some of the largest insurance companies and self-insured workers in America, Mr. Ramos decided to serve Georgia’s injured employees rather than work against them.

Since then, Mr. Ramos has recovered millions of dollars for injured workers. He is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Courts in Georgia, and State Courts. He is a member of the Georgia Bar Association, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, Workers’ Injury and Law Group, and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association. He is also a registered neutral with the Georgia Commission of Dispute Resolution and holds a certification from the Commission on Health Care.

Most recently, Mr. Ramos was inducted into the College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, a national organization that honors workers’ compensation plaintiff’s attorneys, defense attorneys, professors, and judges who have distinguished themselves within the legal community. Mr. Ramos was appointed as the Workers’ Compensation Plaintiffs Vice Chair for the American Bar Associations Tort and Insurance Practice Section (TIPS) – Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Committee. In addition to his active litigation practice, he is a frequent lecturer on workers’ compensation law.

Mr. Ramos is committed to achieving the most favorable results for his clients. With his legal team of dedicated professionals, Mr. Ramos prides himself on being an effective advocate for Georgia’s injured workers and civil justice.

Bryan Ramos


  • Selected as a Delegate of The United States to Attend the 2015 APEC SME Summit In Manila, Philippines, United States Delegate to APEC, United States Department of State, 2015
  • Selected as one of Georgia’s Top Attorneys, Atlanta Magazine, 2014
  • Selected as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Asian-Americans In Georgia for 2011 – 2013, Georgia Asian Times
  • Selected as one of Georgia’s Top Rated Lawyers, Georgia’s Top Rated Lawyers, 2012
  • AVVO Rating 10 of 10

Interview with Bryan Ramos


Mr. Ramos serves on several non-profit and charitable organizations in addition to leading his firm’s workers’ compensation practice. Mr. Ramos serves in a leadership position within the Georgia Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. Moreover, he served on the Boards of Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Atlanta, the Georgia Counsel on Substance Abuse, and the Georgia Low Income Tax Center. He also served on several national boards such as the National Filipino American Lawyers Association and the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project.

Being a workers’ compensation lawyer is a good fit for me. It is a guaranteed way of helping people. If there is ever a time in someone’s life they need a leg up, it is when they are hurt and out of a job. Knowing that I can help get them back on their feet is a good feeling.

After I graduated from Florida State University in English and Philosophy, I started working in the fields of healthcare administration and education for the state of Florida. There, I saw the need people had for thoughtful navigation through the legal system during the very challenging times in their lives. I really empathized with those people as I saw my parents also struggle through the political and legal framework. Eventually, I decided to carve out a path for myself that would allow me to help the vulnerable in our society.

I moved to the U.S. with my family when I was very young. It was difficult for my parents as they left the Philippines a year before the rest of us to establish residency in the U.S. After one year of saving every dime they earned, they had enough money to send for all five children. My parents were often victims of discrimination and targets for those who abuse the system. One time my parents were sued by the lawn service who alleged non-payment for service. Even as a college student, I realized the legal claim was bogus. I went to court with them, and I had the claim against my parents dismissed in entirety. They were my first clients, and I knew that there were several folks like them who needed help.

I see a lot of people who are skeptical and scared. After you have been hurt on the job – and maybe even fired because of it – it is not so easy to trust. I have to earn their trust. And when I do, I honor that with all we have and treat them with the dignity the insurance company attempted to steal.

In some cases, the employer is willing to provide everything that is legally and morally required in a workers’ compensation case. In these situations, I simply explain to them what the employer should be doing and the benefits the injured worker is entitled to receive. I do not “sign them up” but let them know I will be available to them if they need me. There is no reason to get involved if they do not need me or if I can provide no value to them.

The best part about this job is developing friendships. Working with people during difficult times often results in having close relationships. I have the honor of being invited to birthday parties and anniversary celebrations for some of my long-term clients. It is truly an honor to see how our work had a lasting effect on their lives.

Insurance companies are all about profit and money. Too many times, the injured workers’ situation is a game for many adjusters, and they forget that we are actually dealing with people’s lives. In these situations, I keep the insurance companies honest and fight for every dime the injured worker is entitled to receive. Their problems and issues are my problems and issues. It may not be personal to the insurance companies, but it is personal to me.

In Georgia, there are three pitfalls people tend to fall into after they have been injured on the job:

  • They wait too long to report the accident to their employer and trust Human Resources will do the “right thing.” They won’t. Workers should demand medical care and prioritize their health.
  • Some folks try to navigate the legal system themselves. Unfortunately, they are rudely awakened that the system is often rigged against them. By then, the injured workers have lost valuable time and leverage that cannot be regained.
  • Thinking all firms are the same. McDonald’s has the best advertised hamburger, but it does not make them the best. Same goes with law firms. We are dedicated to workers’ compensation only. That’s the only thing we do.

Georgia Workers’ Compensation is surprisingly complex. The laws are constantly changing, and the policies are not uniformly applied. Lawyers who are not practicing in this field every day simply cannot provide the same level of expertise. If you had a heart attack, you would not seek help from a general medical practitioner. You seek expert advice from a cardiologist. If you are injured on the job, you want someone who practices workers’ compensation exclusively. We know Georgia workers’ compensation law inside and out. And I am confident we can help injured workers secure the best possible recovery and outcome.

The first thing an injured worker needs to do is tell their employer about the accident and get medical treatment. If that is not done within 30 days, the chance of securing a good outcome diminishes. The second thing I recommend is to keep a journal of every event and record the name of every person who may have knowledge of your injury. Documentation is key and our workers’ compensation lawyers will be able to present you with meaningful options on how to proceed. We will provide free consultation and an honest assessment of the case.

I am grateful that I have been given a lot of opportunities in this world. I do what I can to give back and pay it forward. I understand that where much is given, much is expected. I have a passion for helping whatever community I am in. If I can change the world? Well, absent curing the world of cancer or another dreadful medical ailment, I would make it mandatory for people to travel the world, meet other people, and authentically encounter other cultures. I think we would find that we are very much alike, value the same things, and we would learn to love each other more easily.

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Have you or someone you love been hurt at work? Fill out the contact form below for a free consultation to examine your workers’ compensation rights, or call us at (770) 637-0105, even if you’ve been denied benefits.

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*We value your privacy. All information is kept strictly confidential.