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Pain from any back, neck, or spinal injury can disrupt the daily quality of life. In many cases, the pain can be debilitating. Your spine is a critical part of your body’s protection system. It protects your nerves and spinal cord, so any injury can be severe and result in numbness, headaches, stiff muscles, fatigue, reduced mobility, and more. Back and neck injuries – including broken back bones, spinal cord damage, severe muscle strains, herniated (slipped or ruptured) discs, joint sprains, whiplash, and more – are often the most common workplace injuries. Still, they do not always result from trauma or vehicle accidents. We represent many clients who were injured while lifting a box of merchandise, stocking a shelf, assisting a client or coworker, or slipping and falling on the job. We understand the frustration and pain when you suffer a back or neck injury on the job and are here to help you find the treatment and care you deserve.


If you or a loved one suffers from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion, or any other head injury, our team is here to answer your questions and offer caring support. As one of the most severe injuries, a TBI often requires immediate medical help and is classified as a catastrophic injury. Other types of occupational injuries to the head and brain include subdural hematoma, brain damage, head trauma, and closed-head injury. These injuries can be very challenging to diagnose and difficult to manage treatment and extensive care, including rehabilitation, monitoring, and long-term care needs. When you face this type of injury, we know it can be very traumatic and confusing, but our head and neck injury lawyers are experts to help you through it. We represent clients in construction, firefighting, law enforcement, manufacturing, and restaurants. We will be by your side at all times.

The loss of an employee’s life is devastating, especially for the family. We are so sorry if you are in this situation, and we know that no amount of money is worth the value of your loved one’s life. When employees are the family's primary wage earners, the financial support loss only adds to the family’s burden. Our team will ensure you know your rights in Georgia for spousal and dependent care, including funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, and income benefits. Work-related deaths can happen across all employment sectors, including construction, healthcare, government, and hospitality. No matter your situation, we will guide you through a fair legal process.

We represent many work-related injury cases not caused by sudden accidents. If you have an ailment that has grown over time through repetitive use of a body part, we can help. The common concept of the straw that broke the camel’s back applies in many cases. They are cumulative trauma disorder, occupational overuse syndrome, or repetitive strain injuries. The most well-known repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Other common injuries include Gunyon Syndrome and epicondylitis (golfer or tennis elbow). These repetitive use or continued trauma cases can impact workers’ knees, elbows, shoulders, and feet and often require physical therapy or surgeries. We will help you find treatment and get fair compensation results.

Injuries to your arms, legs, and hands impact daily activity and should not be taken lightly. Our team does not take your ability to grasp things with your hands, reach with your arms, or walk freely for granted. These painful injuries can happen to anyone in common professions, from clerical assistants to construction workers and truck drivers. If your mobility and freedom are compromised, you need help managing the pain and healing process. We will help you find the right orthopedic doctors and medical professionals in your area and support your legal rights.

When you or a loved one faces a severe injury that requires lifetime medical care and there are no suitable jobs available to you, the insurance company will continue to fight you every step of the way. While workers’ compensation benefits are designed to expire after some time, the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act allows for “lifetime benefits” with regard to medical treatment and weekly income payments under certain circumstances. However, the State Board must designate the claim as “catastrophic” under the law. Knowing the insurance carriers’ legal strategies and their traditional approaches toward these complex claims is crucial to effective representation. This is our expertise and where we can help. If you believe you have a “lifetime claim” that needs attention and must be catastrophically designated, call us.  Ramos & Law will formulate at tailored litigation plan to achieve your goals, and we will ensure you are informed and supported during the complicated legal process.

When a workplace injury or illness is of a severity and nature where you are left with (1) spinal cord injury involving paralysis of your trunk, arms, or legs; (2) an amputation of an arm, hand, foot, or leg; (3) severe brain or closed head injury; (4) second or third degree burns over 25% of the body or third degree burns to your face or hands; (5) total or industrial blindness; or (6) any other injury that prevents you from being able to return to the workforce with any employer, you are dealing with a catastrophic injury. Cases with these serious injuries are different because the insurance companies will vigorously contest most aspects of the case with respect to your long-term entitlement to income benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and overall medical care. A “field nurse” will normally be assigned to the case and will immediately feed the adjuster with information helpful to “adjust” or deny parts of the claim.  At Ramos & Law, we understand the challenges you face when dealing with catastrophic injuries, and we are here to get you the help and support you need.

Client-Focused Representation

Unlike many workers' compensation law firms, our Firm’s focus is on the injured worker’s current well-being, best possible recovery, and life after the claim. If Ramos & Law accepts your case, we will put your interests before ours. As a client, you will have a dedicated legal team working to provide you with the best possible options for you and your family. You will not be “just another client." We will understand your medical care plan and create options for having the best quality of life during and after the claim.

Driven By Honesty

At Ramos & Law, we pride ourselves on making a genuine connection with our clients. We will not promise you miracles or provide you with a “sales pitch.” We believe that if you have been injured at work, the last thing you need is someone who will be dishonest with you. If we accept your case, that means we believe in you, and we believe we can help you maximize your claim. It means we will care about you and your family, and we will stand up in court for you. If we do not recover for you, we do not get paid.

Client Reviews & Testimonials


Bryan is a very great and honest attorney. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone under the same conditions I have been through. He is trustworthy, kind, caring, and very sincere about his clients.

Michael M. ( Hampton, GA )

I was referred to Bryan Ramos by a friend. I felt like Mr. Ramos and his staff had my best interests at heart, and I would refer other friends to them.

Beth S. ( Acworth, GA )

During such a painful and frustrating time, Bryan, Melissa, and the entire staff of Ramos & Law made things so easy and were always there when I needed them!

Kevin ( Atlanta, GA )

I would like to thank Ramos & Law for all the hard work and devotion in handling my workers’ compensation claim. I was very pleased with your services.[..]

Loretta B (Thomasville, GA)

I highly recommend Ramos & Law. Mr. Ramos and his staff are very knowledgeable and treated my case as if it was a top priority.

A.D.M. ( Thomasville, GA )

Throughout the entirety of my case, I felt like the attorneys and staff had my best interests at heart. I always felt everyone was concerned about my well-being at all times. [..]

Marsha J. ( Marietta, GA )

I recommend Ramos & Law. The attorneys always kept me posted, and whenever I needed something they responded. It was a blessing, and I am very happy with my settlement. [..]

Willie S. ( Covington, GA )

Mr. Ramos made the legal picture clearer for me. I was not guessing, and Mr. Ramos made things move quicker. Once Mr. Ramos became involved, my mind was more at ease, and I was assured that my case would [..]

Charles C. ( Fayetteville, GA )

If you need to find a workers’ compensation attorney, I recommend Bryan Camacho Ramos of Ramos & Law. Mr. Ramos is an attorney who listens well. Mr. Ramos understood my situation [..]

Jeroldine C. (Covington, GA)

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Ramos & Law. When every other attorney made me feel my case was dead, Mr. Ramos assured me that there was life, and I got exactly what he said I would.[..]

Billy H. (Atlanta, GA)

I was referred to Attorney Ramos from another law firm that I had contacted, and that was one of the best decisions that I made. The first day that I went to his office, [..]

Angela C. (Atlanta, GA)

Mr. Ramos was a blessing to me. He came highly recommended and proved to be more than I ever could have hoped for. He and his assistant Gail kept me informed and walked me through an awful situation.[..]

Bobbye R. ( Dacula, GA )

Mr. Ramos did a very good job representing my mother in a workers’ compensation case. His professionalism was on display at all times, and his obvious skill made us feel that her case was in good hands. [..]



These case studies are not meant to promise or guarantee a certain or similar result, but rather to demonstrate the legal attention and work ethic our attorneys assert in our cases. Every case is different and is fact sensitive.  Certain facts can greatly influence and determine a client’s award, outcome, and recovery.

Back Strain

An employee worked for a manufacturer of outdoor power products in Middle Georgia. His job required him to pull pallets of material across the work area. As a result, he experienced a back strain. The manufacturer denied the claim and contested his need for medical care. Ramos & Law was able to secure helpful diagnostic scans and meaningful medical care for the injured worker. After a few months of litigation, the parties reached a settlement of $65,000 with a complete resolution of all outstanding medical bills.

Foot Injury

An employee was stocking heavy merchandise for a large retailer in Columbus, Georgia. During the course of her job duties, a stocking cart of the merchandise fell on her right foot and great toe. The national retailer directed her to its company doctors but she received very little relief. The attorneys at Ramos & Law were able to navigate her medical care to more qualified doctors where she received a better overall results. As she reached maximum medical improvement, the large retailer settled the claim for over $100,000 and paid for all of her past medical treatment.

Failed Back Syndrome

An employee was working part-time for a large automotive parts store. The employee fell off a ladder injuring his teeth, neck, ribs, and low back. After exhausting conservative medical care, physical therapy, injection regimens, and medication, it became clear that this injured employee required the need for spinal surgery. While the insurance company fought the surgery, Ramos & Law was able to force the insurance company into paying for the surgery and associated therapies including the implant of a spinal cord stimulator. Given the severity of the injury, Ramos & Law was able to refer the client to a federal disability benefit specialist who assisted him in securing Social Security. This part-time employee settled his case for $185,000 plus almost $300,000 in future medical care.

Low Back Herniations

A pediatric physician injured his back while assisting a child off an examining room table. As a result, the physician herniated several discs in his spine which also triggered depressive mental episodes. While the insurance company denied medical coverage for his numerous symptoms, Ramos & Law was able to secure quality medical care for the employee including orthopedic care, psychiatric treatment, a spinal cord stimulator, and physical therapy. Additionally, the employee received on-going income benefits at the maximum workers' compensation rate.  At the end of the case, the matter settled for a figure close to $250,000 in addition to payment of previous medical bills.

Shoulder Injury

An employee at a beverage maker in Atlanta was stocking heavy cases of merchandise when she felt severe neck and shoulder pain. It was revealed that she suffered a torn rotator cuff. While the beverage maker initially denied her medical care, Ramos & Law was able to convince the employer to approve her treatment plan and accept the case. After months attempting to return to work, it was clear that the employer was not able to accommodate her medical limitations. As a result, the case settled for $115,000, along with all her medical bills being paid.

Severe Burn

A part-time grocery employee fell into a tub of “degreaser” that caused severe third degree burns over his torso and buttocks region. The employee required immediate medical care and several weeks in the intensive care unit within the local burn center. The costs of the care reached in the millions of dollars. While the grocery store denied liability for the accident, the attorneys at Ramos & Law were able to secure a settlement of $250,000 in addition to the employer’s acknowledgment to pay for all past medical bills.