2014 Revised Board Rules and Forms


On July 1, 2014, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation provided a modification of its Board Rules and Forms.

The following is a summary of the changes:

Rule 40 was amended to add the address of the new Gainesville office.

Changes to Rule 61—Descriptions of Forms

Form WC-20(a). This amendment provides that the new 1500 Claim Form may be used in lieu of Form WC-20(a). The 1500 Claim Form replaces the obsolete HFCA Claim Form. Same change is made to Rule 205.

Forms WC-226 (a) and (b). The words “conservatorship and conservator” replaces “guardianship and guardian” to be consistent with O.C.G.A. § 34-9-226.

New Form Rehab Objection is added to be used by any party who has an objection to a rehabilitation issue.

Rules applicable to practice before the Board

Rule 102(A) (1). The reference to Rule1-203 of the State Bar Rules was deleted as that Rule is no longer a part of the Bar Rules. However, the current State Bar Rules or as hereafter amended are controlling as to practice before the Board.

Failure to comply with Document Production specified in Form WC-102.

Rule 102(F) was amended to specifically provide that a party or attorney who fails to comply with the document production specified in Form 102, and who is unable to show good cause for such failure, may be subject to civil penalties and /or assessed attorney’s fees.

Peer Review

Rule 203 (c) (2). Two new peer review groups have been added: Dane Street and Exam Works.

Parties at Interest

Rule 206 (c) was amended to clarify that the Board will provide notice to a party at interest of any hearing at which the party at interest will be permitted to present evidence of its claimed interest.

Objections to Advances

Rule 222 (b) (2) was amended to provide that objections to applications for lump sum advances shall be submitted on Form WC-25.