Beverage Industry Workers


Workers employed at Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or Kraft Foods know that they are working in a “factory”. It is a commercial  factory where they make, manufacture, package, bottle, and process food for millions of people. This assembly line process is physically demanding.

Just like in the automobile, plastics, or steel factories, workers are often hurt on the job. These injuries can be a result of repetitive motions involving carpal tunnel syndrome or shoulder and elbow tendonitis. Additionally, injuries can result from slipping in the warehouse or lifting boxes of raw materials. In some instances, beverage and food workers may develop eye or lung injuries as a result of working with chemicals or particles related to the production line.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, approximately 5.2% of beverage industry workers reported a workplace injury in 2009. These injuries resulted in missing time from work, job restrictions, and possible transfers. Not unlike any other state, Georgia beverage workers may be injured on the job. These injured workers are entitled to medical treatment paid for by the Employer/Insurer as well as income benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

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