Beverage Industry Workers Experience High Rates of Work Injuries


Updated 05/10/23

Did you know more than 4% of beverage industry workers reported on-the-job injuries in 2021? In Georgia alone, there are more than 400 beverage manufacturers

Behind every bottle of soda or water lies a bustling factory where dedicated workers tirelessly manufacture, package, and process beverages for millions of customers. These commercial facilities, operated by industry giants such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Kraft Foods, require a physically demanding assembly line process that can take its toll on workers. 

Unfortunately, injuries are not uncommon, ranging from repetitive motion disorders like carpal tunnel and tendonitis to slips and falls in the warehouse. In some cases, employees may even suffer from eye or lung injuries due to exposure to harmful chemicals or particles. 

These incidents may result in missed work, job restrictions, or transfers. The good news is that injured workers are entitled to medical treatment and income benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act, paid for by the employer or insurer.

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