What is a “workers’ compensation mediation?”


Generally, a mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution.  The idea centers around the parties’ interest in finding a solution to the issue before the court, tribunal, or worker’s compensation board.  This process involves a neutral party to help facilitate the dialogue between the litigants.

The mediation may involve the ultimate settlement of the workers’ compensation case or it may be limited to a particular issue such as medical treatment for a torn rotator cuff, surgery on a back claim, or even mileage reimbursement.   At the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, the mediation settlement conference is free of charge to the participants.  Generally, the parties will begin with an opening statement.  Subsequently, the parties will be separated into their respective “caucus.”  The mediator will then shuffle between the parties providing neutral insight to both parties as well as delivering messages.   The information exchanged at the mediation should remain confidential.

At the Ramos Law Firm, we have successfully mediated hundreds of claims and reached favorable results for our clients.