What does “normal”, “full”, or “regular” duty really mean in my GA Workers’ Compensation claim?

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In the world of workers’ compensation, the terms “normal duty”, “full duty”,  or “regular duty” work release has a significant effect on a work comp claim.  Essentially, the normal duty release allows the employer to unilaterally suspend income benefits.  In some cases, this regular duty release may give the employer the argument that no future treatment is warranted.

In other words, the employer will argue that the work-related injury has resolved or that the hurt employee is “cured.”  The Employer/Insurer will take the position that the hurt worker is back to “normal” as if the injury never occurred.

When a person is hurt at work and surgery or another invasive procedure is performed, a “cure” may be unlikely.  Interestingly, an injured employee may be issued “permanent work restrictions” but also be released to “full duty”, “normal duty” , or “regular duty” work. This is a total ideological contradiction. How can an injured worker have permanent medical restrictions and also be back to normal?
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