How often can I see the workers’ compensation doctor?


When an injury on the job occurs, the Employer and their insurance carrier are responsible for furnishing medical treatment to the hurt employee.  However, the Employer and insurance carrier will generally have a pre-approved list of doctors for the injured work to choose from.  Once the injured worker makes his or her selection, the number of visits is unlimited as long as the occupational injury exists.  Obviously, the treating doctor will set the care plan.  However, as long as the work injury necessitates treatment, the injured employee is entitled to receive the medical care.

In a workers’ compensation claim the insurance company will be monitoring the worker’s care plan and progress.  It is in their best interest to “cut you off” of treatment as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, the insurance companies have hand picked their initial line of physicians for you.  Even more unfortunately, sometimes their loyalties may not run to the patient.

In most cases, an injured worker needs the protection of a lawyer who will put the patient’s best interest in front of his own.  It would be best to be represented by a lawyer who exclusively handles and tries workers’ compensation cases.  At Ramos & Law, our attorneys only handle these workers’ compensation matters.  If you have been injured on the job, call our attorneys for a free consultation at 404-355-3431 or click here to contact us now.