Valentine’s Day brings joy to most but can mean injury for others


Thousands of people will be rushing to their favorite romantic restaurant this week for Valentine’s Day. In preparing for these meals, restaurant workers will be working very hard and have a greater likelihood of being injured. The Ramos Law Firm represents restaurant workers hurt on the job. Many of these employees are kitchen workers who experience burns to their hands, arms and face. Others have hurt themselves carrying food supplies in and out of the stock room. Also, some workers slip in the kitchen while many servers may fall during the delivery of the food.

Common restaurant injuries are knee twists and sprains; back strains and herniations; and burns. When such a work accident happens, it is important to report the injury to the supervisor in charge. Presuming the injury occurred on the job, the injured employee has the right to seek medical treatment. If the injury is severe enough that the employee misses time from work, the injured worker may be eligible for income benefits.

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