Keeping the Workplace Safe

Keep the Workplace Safe

National Safety Month, observed every June, aims to raise awareness about essential safety issues in day-to-day life. The council is dedicated to reducing the leading causes of injuries and death in the workplace, home, and on the road.

Keep the Workplace Safe

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Workers and employers alike must be concerned about safety in the workplace. They should work together to eliminate common hazards that may result in injury or death. Here are some tips for minimizing the most common workplace hazards.

  • Working with machinery – Operating forklifts and other heavy machinery is a leading cause of injury in the workplace. Often, forklift drivers carry too large of loads, which could prove dangerous.
  • Working in confined spaces – Working in cramped spaces, such as attics, can be risky if workers do not wear protective equipment. Only trained workers with proper gear should tackle these jobs.
  • Working with chemicals – Chemicals can be unstable and may cause explosions, fire, and injuries. Workers who are not trained and certified to deal with chemicals should avoid them. Those who are certified must wear proper gear when handling the chemicals.
  • Electrical cords – Inappropriate use of electrical or extension cords could cause workers to trip as they move about the workplace. If extension cords must be used, they should be secured in place, so workers do not trip on them.
  • Clutter – Clutter can be anywhere. Anybody can trip and fall on tools or other materials that are left out of place. Additionally, clutter that blocks the aisles, fire exits, and emergency exits is hazardous. This can be avoided if workers will ensure that their work area is clean and clear of any hazard.

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