Workplace Injuries? Avoid These Mistakes

Workplace Injuries Mistakes

A workplace injury can throw you for a loop. You may feel the financial burdens of your medical bills and time off of work. At the same time, you may fear reporting the injury because you want to continue to be a hardworking and resilient employee.

Workplace Injuries Mistakes

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If you have been injured on the job, don’t hesitate to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer and follow the proper procedures for filing a claim. If you don’t report the injury, you could end up with big problems down the line.

Workers’ compensation cases can be messy, so make sure that you follow the proper procedures. For an optimal outcome, avoid these common mistakes when filing a workers compensation claim.

1. Underestimating your claim

Your injury may look small, but even minor injuries can keep you from functioning well in the workplace. Follow procedures, report the injury and have a doctor perform an examination. The doctor is in a better position to determine the extent of the physical damage. After the injury has been diagnosed and the notification filed with management, the validity of your claim can be affirmed or disputed.

2. Not providing complete medical information

Sometimes, people are only partially honest with their doctor. They may insist that they are healed or that an injury is not as painful as it looks. However, for the best diagnosis, or to prevent a misdiagnosis, the doctor needs to know all of the relevant facts. This includes information about the accident and the cause of the injury.

3. Delaying an injury report

When an accident happens, alert your manager or the human resources department immediately. Document the accident and submit the report to your supervisor. If you try to tough it out and wait for symptoms to subside, you could jeopardize your claim. It is best to report the injury on the day of the accident. This avoids any possible disputes about the nature of the injury.

If you need help navigating the system, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you file your claim.