Technology Helps Law Firms Lower Cost


In today’s world everyone is looking for ways to save money. This holds true for both Ramos & Law and the injured workers we help. One way we are helping our clients save money is through the use of technology.

Ramos & Law was founded in April of 2005. Later that year we began examining ways to become more efficient. By January of 2006, we had purchased and implemented several pieces of equipment and computer software to help us achieve that goal. These items include a software program designed to facilitate the management of our clients’ cases. This case management software, in combination with other programs, allows us to have access to all file material whether we are at our desk or across the state.

One tool used to accomplish this “paperless” “less paper” office is the scanner. The scanner allows us to cut down on the number of copies we make, reduces the paper cost and the amount of postage used.  Since these are charges that law firms routinely charge their clients for, we have lowered clients’ costs by implementing these changes.

If you have been injured at work in Georgia, call an attorney with Ramos & Law for advice.