How Slowing Down can Speed Up Recovery

How Slowing Down can Speed Up Recovery

At Ramos & Law, we know the importance of reading.  It’s an integral part of our profession that helps us serve our clients and uphold the justice system.  Although there are many crime shows on television that glorify the legal profession, the bottom line is that most of what we do involves reading and writing about what we read.  We write pleadings, memos, and letters about the meaning of the law and how it applies to our clients.

But books provide another great value to our field… helping clients heal.  If you’ve been injured, you know that the workers’ compensation claims process can be exhausting.  Sometimes you need to detach, and a good book can help.

How Slowing Down can Speed Up Recovery

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Books are relaxing and downtime is critical.  Everyone needs time to decompress and enjoy.  Curling up with a good book can relieve stress and help us face life with fresh ideas and renewed vigor.

Read Across America Day is part of an initiative created by the National Education Association 21 years ago to encourage U.S. residents to increase the amount of time they spend reading.  The observance is held on March 2, which marks the birthday of the illustrious Dr. Seuss.  Seuss brightened many childhoods, entering our imaginations with tales of green eggs, the Grinch, and the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz.

We often encourage children to read, but the habit is no less important for adults.  Reading should be adopted as a lifelong habit for many reasons, including the following:


  • Books inspire. Many a winning idea has taken flight as a result of a book.  Books encourage us to burst the confines of our every day lives.  They transport us to different times and places.  They cause us to question our thought processes and opinions.  They inspire us to develop new ideas and breathe life into old ones.  They allow us to think beyond barriers and come up with creative solutions to problems.
  • Books encourage collaboration. As we share ideas about the books we read, we can connect over similarities and bridge gaps between our differences.
  • Books sharpen our skills. There’s an expert for everything.  We can learn from other people’s abilities and insights when we read.  Books about time management, resilience, and community service have changed lives.


Reading helps you protect yourself, too.  Law is rarely cut and dry.  If you are involved in a workers’ compensation case, we encourage you to read the law.  Understandably, reading the law can be hard to interpret.

If you need help interpreting the law, contact a qualified workers’ compensation attorney Ramos & Law.  We have devoted our careers to better understanding the law and helping our clients get the legal help that they need so that they can focus on healing.  Our job is to sort through all of the details and find out exactly what a workers’ compensation statute means and how it can benefit you in your case.