Workers’ Compensation In the Latino or Hispanic Community


The Latino or Hispanic worker who is injured on the job may present unique issues not generally found in an ordinary Georgia workers’ compensation case.

For example, the Latino or Hispanic worker may not speak English.  In these cases, adequate language translation services may be utilized to assist the injured worker in acquiring medical treatment, relaying crucial information to his or her supervisors, or communicating key facts to the attorneys handling the workers’ compensation claim.  At Ramos & Law, our attorneys are equipped to handle claims involving non-English claimants.

In the Hispanic and Latino communities, these workers often accept the hardest and most labor intensive jobs.  Therefore, these workers often sustain injuries to their backs, knees, arms, or hands while on the job.  When these injuries occur, they are required to report the injury just like any other worker and follow the same protocol as outlined in the law.  Likewise, these injured workers may be entitled to medical and income benefits.

There is no question that some of these Latino or Hispanic workers may also have issues involving the adequacy of wages or even immigration.  These issues may be confusing and intimidating for all the parties involved in the claim.

The attorneys at Ramos & Law have handled hundreds of claims involving workers’ compensation matters and the Hispanic worker.  If you have any questions or want further information, please contact our attorneys today.