Technology is Changing Workers’ Compensation Processes

Technology Changes Workers Comp Processes

Workers’ compensation is often a loaded issue. It is politically-charged and can cause rifts between labor and management.

Technology Changes Workers Comp Processes

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Studies have shown that employees who are compensated well and enjoy good medical coverage are happy and productive employees. European countries have taken great strides to embrace this concept, but it remains a hard sell within some companies in the United States.

Employers should know that facilitating fair workers’ compensation practices does not have to cost a lot of money. We live in a world of advanced technology. Using that technology can help ensure efficiently-expedited workers’ compensation cases and happy, healthy employees.

Here are some areas where technology can help:

Streamlined Communication

A lot of problems occur during the delivery of workers’ compensation benefits due to lack of communication. For example, employees may not know the limits of their benefits. This information could easily be relayed in the form of website or employee app updates.


Due to time constraints and costs of training, some employees are not properly educated about matters pertaining to workers’ compensation. Training needn’t take a lot of manpower. Thanks to technology, companies don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every training, and they can also reach employees in remote locations by embracing apps or webinars.


There are many ways that an app can help with employee care. For one, prescription requests can be executed on an app. The medicine can be picked up at a dispensary or sent directly to a person in need.

Claims processing and updates

Employees often need help submitting claims and want to know the ongoing status of their case. This can be conveyed through an app or online portal. Workers can also find out if they filed correctly or if they need to submit more documents.