Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

Workers Comp Claim Denied

There are several reasons why a workers’ compensation claim may be turned down. However, if the claim appears to be compelling and complete, there are several ways to address a questionable denial.

Workers Comp Claim Denied

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When a workers’ compensation claim is declined for potentially erroneous reasons, an employee can request assistance from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. The attorney can review the case and check out its legitimacy. If the claim has been submitted and denied for no good reason, the lawyer can assist in filing the claim for another review.

Some of the most common errors when submitting claims include missing reporting deadlines or applying for services that are not covered. These problems may delay the case or, worse, lead to a claim’s denial.

Unfortunately, there are also instances when an employer may want to contest the claim. These reasons can be administrative in nature, or they may simply boil down to semantics or documentation. Whatever the reason, a workers’ compensation attorney can help employees navigate the process as smoothly as possible.

Whenever a workers’ compensation claim is disputed or denied, the worker has the right to have a lawyer present to discuss the matter. If employees have limited experience with workers’ compensation, they can draw on their attorney’s expertise as they consider an appeal.