Injured at AirServ?


In Atlanta, many of our employees work the Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport.  Recently, we represented a client who worked for The AirServ Corporation.  AirServ provides cargo, cleaning, security, and ramp handling for the aviation industry.

In our case, an employee was responsible for cleaning the airplane cabins.  As she was being transported to the airplane, the truck was involved in an accident.  As a result, she and two other employees were injured.  The injuries involved pains in her back, neck and head.  She also missed time from work.

Generally,  the Employer/Insurer may control medical treatment if

  1. it properly posts a valid panel of physicians, and
  2. it trains its employees as to the use and function of the panel.

If it did not do both of these steps, the injured employee may select her own doctor.   Medical treatment is very important to a workers’ compensation case as it provides the best chance for the injured worker to heal from the occupational injury.  Moreover, quality medical treatment provides the best chance for the hurt worker to return to work and regain his or her quality of life.  Sometimes, it appears that the Employee’s “panel” doctors are biased and favor the employer.  Having the power to select your physician is very important.

If you have been hurt at AirServ or elsewhere and believe you have the right to select your physician, please contact Ramos & Law.