Workplace Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Workplace Knee and Shoulder Injuries

Knee and shoulder injuries are some of the most common types of work-related injuries. Should injuries include fractures or damage to muscles or the rotator cuff joint. These injuries are usually the result of lifting heavy weights, falling into objects with outstretched arms or hands, or sustaining blows or blunt trauma to the shoulder joint or arm. Continuous or repetitive motions can also cause workplace injuries, resulting in pain, stiffness, or limited range of motion.

Workplace Knee and Shoulder Injuries

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Work Shoulder Injury

In order to diagnose the magnitude of shoulder injuries, doctors may order an x-ray or MRI. For simple injuries, physicians may recommend physical therapy, pain medication, or steroid injections. More serious injuries may require a surgical repair or an arthroscopic procedure.

Work Knee Injury

Knee injuries can lead to torn kneecaps, torn cartilage or meniscal tears. They can inhibit movement and prevent people from walking, running, or working efficiently. Without remediation, these injuries can last for life and become progressively more painful.

Costs for knee and should injury treatment can add up quickly. It can be stressful for employees to file a claim, as the process can be complicated, but filing your workers’ compensation claim timely is of the essence. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help injured employees file their claim quickly and effectively to pursue proper remuneration.