Preventing Common Workplace Injuries

Preventing Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are often caused by random accidents. Some are due to neglect. While the employer has a weighty responsibility to ensure workplace safety, each worker also has the job of protecting themselves and their fellow employees. Here are some of the most common workers’ compensation injuries.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

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  • Motorized equipment accidents – Workers who drive company vehicles, operate forklifts or other machinery, etc. may be injured in car accidents. Proper training and adoption of smart driving policies can help keep drivers safe.
  • Strain – Strenuous activities are among the most common injures and is among the most costly to correct, and are typically caused by push/pull motions/activities.
  • Monotonous motion injuries – These types of injuries may go unnoticed for years. Monotonous motions such as standing and crouching, or even seemingly innocent actions like typing don’t manifest until damage has already set in.
  • Falling hazards – Insurance companies deal frequently with these injuries. Wet and slippery floors and workplace clutter often cause pratfalls. Even with the best policies in place, workers are still advised to always pay attention to what is going on around them.
  • Overhead injuries – Speaking of falling, but in another way, objects that fall from storage areas or are dropped by another worker can cause serious damage. Even if you don’t believe that you’re vulnerable to injury, the use of protective gear is always the best defense against injuries.

There are many other causes of workplace injuries. When employees get hurt in the workplace, they should immediately inform their supervisor and seek prompt medical treatment. If it is appropriate to file for workers’ compensation benefits, employees must do so quickly and should enlist the help of a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to help them in the process.

Employees can get injuries at work due to different reasons. Slipping, tripping, falling from heights, walking into, repetitive motion and vehicle accidents are just some of the injuries at workplaces. These can be prevented by putting precaution signs in the working area and wearing of protective gears. Aside from that, employees must focus and be diligent with work also. Check this infographic.

Preventing Common Workplace Injuries [infographic]