Living on Workers’ Compensation Benefits?


Insurance companies and its advocates like to believe that people live well while on workers’ compensation benefits.  This is generally not true.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Capped

These workers’ compensation benefits are capped by law as to how much an injured employee can receive.  For example, a professional in Decatur (who made $52,000 a year or $1,000 per week) can only receive $525 per week while on workers’ compensation.  Essentially, this is reduced rate is a little more than half of what the Decatur professional was making prior to the occupational injury.  If the injured employee was making $400 per week, the workers’ compensation law only allows this worker to receive $266.68 of weekly income benefits.  Fortunately, these income benefits are not taxed.

Living on workers’ compensation benefits is very difficult.  However, many do not have a choice.  If you are injured on the job, it is important to get assistance as soon as possible.

  • Report the injury,
  • document what happened,
  • seek medical benefits, and
  • get the best legal advice as soon as possible.

The insurance companies are not there to help you and their attorneys and adjusters are looking to deny your claim.  Don’t fight them alone.  Call Ramos & Law for your free legal consultation.