Injured in Thomaston, Georgia


Recently, we received a phone call regarding an injured worker in Thomaston, Georgia.  He was treated at Upson Regional Medical Center and then he was left on his own for medical treatment.  The hurt worker injured his back and reported it to his supervisor.  However, nothing was done so he “figured” that he was not entitled to additional medical treatment.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem.  The workers’ compensation law provides that this injured Thomaston worker is entitled to medical treatment at the Employer/Insurer’s expense.  Moreover, the hurt employee is not limited only to treatment at Upson Regional Medical Center.  If the treatment for the back injury requires specialized treatment, the Employer/Insurer would be responsible for that treatment as well.

In addition, if the employee could not return to work because of his work injury, or even was fired because of his work injury, then the Employer/Insurer would be responsible to pay for the employee’s weekly income benefits.  Unfortunately, these benefits are limited by the “workers’ comp rate” and the injured worker’s “average weekly wage.”  This determination is made on a case by case basis.

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