Improving the Outcome of a Workers’ Compensation Hearing

Improve the Outcome of a Workers Comp Hearing

One of the most common frustrations in filing a workers’ compensation claim is that the process—including the employer’s and insurance company’s review of your claim—can take a long time. Another challenge is workers’ compensation claim denial. In the case of a delay or denial, an employee may seek legal action and court intervention. This process is difficult, as the employer and the insurance company will be highly motivated to win their case.

Improve the Outcome of a Workers Comp Hearing

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There are a number of things that you can do in preparation for a workers’ compensation hearing.

  • Make sure that you talk to your lawyer before the hearing.
  • Discuss with your attorney any questions the judge may ask you.
  • Review of your documents carefully before the hearing.
  • Ask your workers’ compensation lawyer for clarification on anything you need to know more about.

Next, ensure that your goals are clear before the trial. For example, is the insurance carrier disputing your entire workers’ compensation claim or just a portion of it such as a particular medical procedure? After the meeting, you should be able to identify a general timeline of the hearing, the hearing goals, and how you and your attorney will achieve the desired outcome.

Even if the hearing is not completely formal, dress nicely. Arrive to the hearing early. Should you arrive late, your hearing may be re-scheduled, delaying benefits from your workers’ compensation claim.