Home Depot cutting jobs – 150 in Atlanta; what’s the impact on workers’ comp claims

The Home Depot, Inc.

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According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, The Home Depot will be laying off 1,000 employees including 150 in Atlanta.  However, Home Depot is said to be adding 200 jobs in Atlanta in the near future.  Many of these jobs will be associated with the Retail Staffing Service Center.

As you can imagine, injuries sustained by these employees will likely be covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act in Georgia.  The injuries must arise out of and in the course of the employment at The Home Depot.  These injuries may be traumatic in nature involving a knee sprain or back herniation.  However, other injuries can be cumulative in nature such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  At the Ramos Law Firm, our attorneys have handled these type of claims and are ready to assist these workers in their return back to work.  For a free consultation, please contact Ramos Law today.