Have you been injured while working as a Nurse in Georgia?


A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics study showed that registered nurses, nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants  experienced more musculoskeletal disorders and back injuries than any other profession.  This study supported that 12 percent of nurses in a hospital setting suffer these injuries.  Moreover, 17.3 percent of nurses in a nursing home setting experience these work-related injuries.  This should not be surprising as nurses are often responsible for the physical care of the patients.

If the injury occurred while the nurse was in the course of his or her employment, he or she is entitled to medical care and weekly compensation if work time is missed. It is important to report the injury immediately and begin documenting the “chart” of the claim as soon as possible.  Many times, these large healthcare employers and their insurance companies will deny responsibility for the work injury.   It is best not to go at them alone.  Call Ramos & Law.

At the Ramos Law Firm, we have represented many nurses and have secured favorable results.  If you have been injured while taking care of a patient or while doing your job, call us for a free consultation.

Nurses are on the “frontline” of care.   However, when you get hurt, who takes care of you? Whether you are working for Atlanta Medical Center, Piedmont Hospital, Maxim Healthcare Services, or UHS Pruitt, nursing employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

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