Georgia Workers’ Compensation Payments Made in 2010


Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation released a “capsule look” at the 2010 financial information relating to workers’ compensation income and “medical only” benefits paid in 2010. The report was based on the self-reported data provided by self-insureds and insurance companies. The report indicated that:

  • 37,167 “new claims” were generated for weekly income benefits.
  • Over $843 million dollars were paid in indemnity benefits. It is important to note that these payments included indemnity claims generated before 2010.
  • Over 97,000 “medical only” claims were reported. In this situation, the injured worker required medical treatment but did not miss time from work (at least in theory).
  • Over $94 million dollars were paid to medical facilities such as Concentra, Choicecare, occupational and industrial clinics, or various emergency rooms for these “medical only” claims.
  • Over $674 million dollars were paid out to hospitals and medical facilities in 2010.

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