Avoid These Mistakes When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Mistakes When Filing Workers Comp Claim

A Georgia worker who gets injured on the job can file a workers’ compensation claim in order to get benefits. Some injured workers, because of their unfamiliarity with the system, make errors which slow down or minimize their benefits, or even lead to the claim’s denial.

Mistakes When Filing Workers Comp Claim

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Here are typical mistakes that could jeopardize workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Inaccurate injury representation – Some injured workers exaggerate the severity of their injuries in order to gain sympathy. Others downplay the injury because of fear that it could work against them during performance reviews. Either of these actions could jeopardize a claim.
  • Ignoring medical advice – An injured worker must follow the prescribed treatment plan of their physician. Refusing to do so can delay the worker’s benefits claim, recovery and their return to work. Likewise, many injured workers want to return to work the moment they feel better, even against the advice of the worker’s compensation physician. On the other hand, some workers refuse to come back to work even when the doctor has certified that they are fit for the job. Either action by injured workers could be grounds for denial or cancellation of their claim.
  • Improperly filling out forms – An injured worker has to fill out different forms in order to file a workers’ compensation claim. Understandably, the forms can be confusing, but errors on the forms could slow down processing or even lead to a denied claim.
  • Failing to properly report a workplace injury – An employee who has been hurt must immediately report the injury to their supervisor. Failure to report the injury or delaying the reporting could jeopardize the injured worker’s claim.

Injured workers in Georgia can get their workers’ compensation benefits in a timely manner if they comply with all the requirements related to filing their claim. To avoid delays, injured workers should seek the help of a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Georgia.