Advantages of Complying with Medical Treatment

Complying with Medical Treatment advantages

An injured worker in the state of Georgia is entitled to medical care for work injuries at the expense of the employer and the insurance company that handles the company’s workers’ compensation. In accordance with state laws, Georgia employers and their companies’ insurance carriers are granted the right to direct the medical treatment of injured employees.

Complying with Medical Treatment advantages

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Medical treatment for workers is usually provided through a designated panel of physicians. Employers are required to post the names of the physicians in conspicuous locations on the company’s premises. The employers are also obligated to explain to the workers how the panel of physicians works. The injured worker is required by Georgia law to select an initial doctor from the panel. The chosen physician can then prescribe the necessary treatment.

Workers’ compensation includes financial benefits to cover lost wages. As long as the injured workers are receiving compensation, they are required to submit to examination by the treating physician at reasonable times. If the injured workers refuse to comply, their right to compensation will be revoked.

Once the benefits are suspended due to failure to comply with the scheduled medical treatment, attempts at reinstating those benefits could prove to be difficult and time-consuming. Employees’ non-compliance could also jeopardize the outcome of their workers’ compensation case.

There are countless benefits to complying with required medical care. Injured workers will recover faster, return to work sooner, and prevent the insurance company from finding reasons to terminate benefits.