This January marks the 16th anniversary of National Mentoring Month.  The purpose of the observance is to connect more of the nation’s youth with exemplary adult mentors.  Few people achieve success on their own. Most of us have been affected by someone who set a good example, mentored, taught, and advocated for us.

Many career fields are devoted to assisting others—including the field of law.  Lawyers—also known as attorneys—advocate for and give counsel to people.  They can do this by sharing evidence in defense of their client in the courtroom.  They can also help their clients navigate the legal system, offering counsel and advice about legal redresses.  It’s impossible for people to understand all the laws that may affect every situation, but that’s where attorneys come in.  Attorneys specialize in certain aspects of the law and become masters of their craft.  This allows them to assist people who find themselves embroiled in disputes that fall within various areas of specialty.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Advocates and Mentors
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There are many types of law.

  • international
  • criminal
  • property
  • corporate
  • maritime
  • bankruptcy
  • environmental
  • family
  • military
  • personal injury
  • and more.

Another type of specialty is workers’ compensation law, which advocates for the rights of those who have been injured in the workplace.   The workers’ compensation system, with its frequently changing laws and policies, can be very difficult to navigate.  As a result, many injured workers get wrapped up in lengthy disputes with their employers’ insurance companies and are unable to receive adequate health care and financial support.  Workers’ compensation lawyers shoulder the burden of the case so that people can focus on healing.

If you need help, expand your expertise by contacting an attorney.  They can provide invaluable counsel and guidance so that you can move forward in a positive direction in 2018.