What happens at a Georgia workers’ compensation hearing?


One of the most common questions asked from claimants as we prepare for trial is what happens at the workers’ compensation hearing.  It is advisable that you call our office prior to proceeding to a hearing. Contact us today at(404) 355-3431.

Essentially, the administrative law judge will review the admissible evidence regarding the specific issues in the case.  This includes testimony from the witnesses and parties, as well as documentary evidence.  The hearing will be recorded and an official transcript of the record will be filed with the State Board.

It is very rare that the judge will render a decision at the close of the hearing.  Instead, once the evidence has been properly submitted to the judge, he or she will take the matter under advisement and will allow the parties to submit “legal briefs” outlining their respective positions.   These briefs are aimed to advocate the parties’ positions, highlight evidence, and present the binding law governing the case.

After the briefs have been reviewed and the transcript has been filed, the judge will issue a written award outlining the specific facts of the case and the explanations of law for supporting a denial or granting of the benefits sought. For more information or for help with your case, call us today at (404) 355-3431 or email us.