Selecting the Best Attorney For Your Workers’ Compensation Case


Selecting the best attorney for your workers’ compensation case will depend on number of things.  Not unlike doctors, there are many attorneys in the greater-Atlanta area.  However, not every attorney is equipped to handle workers’ compensation claims.  Similar to selecting the best or “right” doctor for your needs, you must consider whether the prospective attorney’s practice is focused on workers’ compensation claims.  For example, if have a knee problem, you would not treat with a cardiologist for the knee issue.  If you have a workers’ compensation case, you should seek advice from an attorney who almost exclusively handles workers’ compensation claims.

Additionally, when selecting the best attorney for your needs, you should consider whether he or she is rated by AVVO or Martindale Hubbell.  These two organizations are good resources to determine the attorney’s reputation and skill level.  These rating services usually have comments from prior clients and other attorneys.

Finally, you should be able to speak to your attorney.  In many instances, the clients seldom get the opportunity to communicate directly with the attorney.  It is common to first speak to a paralegal or assistant, but at some point the client should be able to talk to the attorney directly.  Again, drawing from the medical field, patients will speak to nurses and assistants when they are sick, but they should be examined by an actual doctor.  It should be the same for a legal matter.  The client should get to speak to his or her attorney directly.

Selecting the best attorney for your case is an important decision.  It should not be taken lightly.