Ramos & Law Supports Ghana Medical Clinic

An effort to construct a medical clinic in a remote village in Ghana, West Africa is close to completion. Ramos & Law has supported this medical clinic project since the effort began in 2011.
What we hope to be the last shipment of supplies has reached port in Ghana; providing necessities such as toilets, fixtures and sinks for volunteers to install in the two newly-constructed buildings.  Nearly 80,000 children die in Ghana each year due to treatable and preventable diseases. It is our hope that providing villagers with routine medical care will help the Ghanaian people in this Yonkofa_villagearea receive treatment early on for diseases that plague the region, including malaria, hepatitis and typhoid.

Volunteers have worked relentlessly to ship supplies and construct the clinic in the jungle of Yiwabra- a tiny village that is so remote it is nearly impossible to find on a map. The hundreds of villagers here have had virtually no access to medical care. Without this clinic, villagers are forced to walk for days to the nearest medical facility. With no electricity or paved roads, it is unlikely a sick person would be able to make that journey. Too many parents have watched their children die- aided only by the herbs and home remedies the people use here to treat illness.

The new clinic will be staffed by local nurses who will live on-site in a separate building that was also funded and constructed by volunteers. Yiwabran villagers have helped construct both buildings, funded by a U.S.-based non-profit association. Local participation is imperative to this project, providing job opportunities and community stability to this jungle village.

Yonkofa_buildingThe Ghana clinic effort is in continual need of funding to supply medicines and supplies in order to open the clinic on a permanent basis, and keep it running in perpetuity. As of now, American doctors have been running short-term clinics on-site until the last of the equipment is delivered, and the doors opened.

Ramos & Law has been supporting wellness for workers with injuries for nearly a decade, and is proud help provide wellness in Africa.  Donations to the clinic project can be made via the www.yonkofa.com.