Now that I’m Enrolled in the Injured Workers’ Pharmacy, What Happens with My Prescriptions?


For Claimants who are enrolled in the Injured Workers Pharmacy program, there is not much for you to worry about when it comes to filling prescription medication.  Many claimants often have questions when filling a prescription with IWP for the first time.

After a Claimant’s authorized treating physician prescribes medication, the Claimant can fill the prescription by either:

  1. sending the original prescription to IWP in an IWP provided overnight envelope, or
  2. returning the original prescription to the authorized treating physician or their attorney’s office, so that the prescription can be faxed to IWP for processing.

The above-referenced procedure for filling a prescription through IWP is especially true when a claimant is prescribed what is called class II controlled substances, such as hydrocodone, morphine and oxycodone.  The procedure for the distribution of controlled substances is governed by the federal U.S. drug policy called the Controlled Substances Act.  The Controlled Substances Act, requires receipt of an original prescription for filling a class II controlled substance.  In order to comply with federal law, IWP is only able to dispense class II controlled substances upon receipt of the original prescription.

In the event a claimant has already filled an existing prescription at their local pharmacy, the prescription can be transferred to IWP, if there are refills remaining.  In order to transfer the prescription, the Claimant must provide IWP with the name and telephone number of the pharmacy currently filling the prescription, as well as the name of the medication and prescription number.

Many of my clients find IWP’s procedure for filling prescriptions quite convenient and appreciate all IWP has done to streamline the process of filling their prescriptions.  For more information on IWP, please click here.  If you’ve been injured at work and are having trouble receiving medical benefits or treatment, please contact Ramos & Law.