Is the employer required to provide medical treatment because of a workers’ compensation injury?


Yes, the Workers’ Compensation Act provides that “Employer/Insurer shall furnish the employee entitled to benefits under this chapter such medical, surgical, and hospital care and other treatment, items and services which are prescribed by a licensed physician . . . reasonably required and appear likely to effectuate a cure, give relief, or restore the employee to suitable employment.”   In other words, the Employer and the insurance company are responsible for the reasonable medical treatment related to the work accident.

Board Rule 200(a)(1) further explains that the: “Employer/Insurer have a duty to provide all reasonable and necessary medical treatment in a timely manner and to give appropriate assistance in contacting medical providers when necessary.”  Similarly, the Employer and Insurance company must approve and authorize this treatment without significant delay.

In our experience, many injured workers fall victim to delays and denials of medical treatment as they are not properly trained on what to ask for or what to do.  Medical treatment is crucial to properly heal from the work accident.  If you have suffered a work related accident and you are unable to get medical care, we recommend you call us at 404-355-3431 to assist you.