Is Avvo a Credible Legal Resource?

If you watch much TV, you may have seen the commercials for Avvo, the online legal directory service. They’re clever TV spots for certain. But is Avvo a credible legal resource? Avvo was founded in 2006 out of Seattle by a lawyer who was then Expedia’s general counsel. Seeing the need for a credible resource to match lawyers with people-in-need, Mark Britton married his tech-savvy with his legal connections to initiate a legal rating system and online directory. Now, 97% of lawyers in the U.S. are rated by Avvo. The directory includes profiles of lawyers, reviews from their clients and an Avvo rating for each attorney in the system.

AVVO rated logo

Atty. Bryan Ramos has received the Client’s Choice award based on client reviews on Avvo.

As Avvo’s television commercials imply, it’s often easy to know when you need a lawyer, but can be difficult to find a good one. Ramos & Law advocates use of the Avvo directory. Whether you are looking for a workers’ compensation attorney, a divorce lawyer, a personal injury lawyer or other…it’s always good to use a credible resource to find the representation you need. Be sure to read reviews from the attorney’s former clients and check their Avvo rating. Attorneys are rated on a 1 (extreme caution) to 10 (superb) scale based on public documents, using a mathematical model. There is no bias. Attorneys cannot pay to achieve a high rating. And in case you’re interested, Avvo is short for avvocato, which means ‘lawyer’ in Italian.

In today’s complicated world, it’s good to know there is a system out there that can provide unbiased, simplified information to help make an important and sometimes complicated system.

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