I was injured at Alorica / Ryla in Kennessaw. What Should I do?


Recently, my firm handled a call from an employee who claimed to be hurt at work while working for Ryla or Alorica in Kennessaw, Georgia.  This injured worker alleged that she slipped and fell at work.  She did not have immediate pain, but after her shift her back stiffened up and she experienced a lot of pain that evening.

These situations are not uncommon.  In many situations, the adrenaline (and sometimes the embarrassment) of the fall will mask the pain for a few hours.  However, I advised that the injured employee should immediately report the accident and injury to her immediate supervisor.  Many times, the supervisor will make an “incident report” documenting the accident.  It is important to tell the supervisor the details of the injury.   Also, I recommend that the injured Ryla / Alorica employee receive a copy of the report.

If the injured employee needs medical care, she should ask the supervisor to send her to the doctors’ office.  Generally, the supervisor will have a pre-approved list of physicians or clinics for the Ryla / Alorica employee.  Delaying treatment may delay recovery time; therefore, it is important that the injured worker obtain adequate medical treatment as soon possible.  If there is no list of physicians, the injured worker should still seek medical treatment.

If the Ryla / Alorica employee is missing time from work because of the fall in Kennessaw, then Ryla / Alorica may be responsible for paying the injured employee weekly income benefits equal to 2/3 of her average weekly wage  (up to $500 per week).

If you have been injured at Ryla or Alorica or at any other employer and you want to a free consultation regarding your workers’ compensation rights, please contact Ramos & Law.