Hearing loss due to job duties


In situations where an employee becomes deaf or suffers an occupational hearing loss, recovery under the workers’ compensation act can be tough.  The statute governing such claims are very technical.  For example, an employee may recover benefits for hearing loss by “harmful noise.”  The code defines harmful noise as “sound in employment capable of producing occupational loss of hearing.”  The definition of “occupational hearing loss” equates to “permanent sensorineural loss of hearing in both ears caused by prolonged exposure to harmful noise” in the employment setting.  Additionally, there are specific provisions regarding entitlement to income benefits, as well as the use of protective devices capable of preventing hearing loss.

Hearing loss claims may arise from working at the airport, race tracks, assembly lines, or other areas where “harmful noise” may occur.  If you have suffered a hearing loss that may be attributable to your work duties, it would be best to consult with an attorney regarding your rights under the workers’ compensation law.  For a free consultation, please contact the Ramos Law Firm at 404-355-3431.