Georgia’s Injured Employees and Workers’ Compensation


Generally, when an employee is injured in Atlanta or any other city in Georgia, the employee may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are primarily made up of medical treatment as it relates to the work injury and income benefits to a certain point.

In most cases, the Employer may have a list of medical doctors from which the injured workers may obtain treatment.  These doctors may consist of occupational, orthopedic, or neurological specialists.  The Employer has the burden of having this list of doctors posted in a prominent place.  The Employee has the choice of selecting any doctor on this panel.  Also, the injured worker may also change or switch doctors one time without the Employer’s permission.

The income benefits are determined by averaging the injured employee’s weekly wages from the previous 13 weeks and taking 2/3rds of it. Moreover, the 2/3rds of this average weekly wage is capped depending on the date of the accident or injury. This is called the workers’ compensation rate.  If the injured employee is not making the maximum workers’ compensation rate, the Employer/Insurer is required to outline their calculations for the State Board.  It is important to scrutinize these numbers to ensure proper payment.

These workers’ compensation benefits should be started in a timely fashion as outlined by the law.  If you have been injured on the job and would like to discuss your claim, please contact Ramos & Law for a free consultation with an expert in the field.