Do I need to file a workers’ compensation claim?


If you have been hurt on the job in Georgia, we recommend you report it to your supervisor as soon as possible.  Even the most minor accidents may end up costing the injured worker time and medical expenses.  Generally, your employer has paid for workers’ compensation insurance in the event that one of its employees suffers an “on-the-job” injury.  When the injured employee files the claim, the employer reports it to the workers’ compensation insurance company for handling.

In Georgia, the insurance company is responsible for providing injured workers with medical benefits such as trips to the emergency room, hospital stays, prescription medication, mileage, and visits with the doctor.  If the injured worker is unable to return back to work because of his or her work injury, then the injured employee may receive weekly income benefits up to $500 per week.   These weekly benefits will expire after some time or until the physician releases you to “full duty” work status.

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