Were You Injured On The Job, Terminated, and Now Need Work in GA?

Have you been “let go”, “terminated” or “laid off” from your job after you were injured on the job?  Are you still on medical restrictions but need to look for work?

At Ramos & Law, we understand how hard this situation can be for you.  To help, we have assembled a few pointers for you, along with some useful links.

  • First, we recommend that you create a plan of action.  Figure out what you are qualified to do and what you would like to do.  There is no reason to blast out applications and resumes for jobs you don’t want to do or are not qualified to accept.  Do your research on companies.  Plan your work, and then work your plan!
  • Second, create a diary or job search log.  Write down all the places where you looked, who you spoke to, dates, times, and important notes.  This diary will help you keep track of your search, as well as what you need to follow-up on.
  • Third, create a resume and applicable cover letters.  Here is a link for you to get started!  If you have physical limitations, we recommend that you make the prospective employer aware of it in the cover letter.  There is no reason to hide your physical limitation, but also highlight how it will not affect your ability to do that job you are applying for.
  • Fourth, network, network, network.  Use your connections.  Many jobs will not be posted.  Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and business contacts.  Attend job fairs and get out there if you can.
  • Fifth, make files for your prospective employers.  Keep the company information, phone numbers, email addresses, contact information, your personalized cover letter, resume and application in that file.  If you submitted an application online, keep the confirmation email evidencing your attempt to reach the employer.

Finally, follow up and don’t give up!

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