As an injured worker what kind of medical treatment am I entitled to?


Employers are required to furnish treatment for employees who have been injured on the job. This would include “medical, surgical, and hospital care and other treatment, items, and services which are prescribed by a licensed physician.”  This also includes prescription drug medication.

In addition, medical benefits may include counseling, or may include home attendant care, and in some circumstances domestic household services.  These benefits may also include newly developed medical procedures under FDA investigation despite the fact that the procedures have not yet been approved by the FDA.

In many instances, employees hurt at work experience delays in authorization, mysterious or last minute request for second opinions, or flat denials of their medical treatment.  As medical treatment is crucial, it is important to have someone advocating for you.  Not only must this advocate have expertise about the law, but he must be knowledgeable about the physicians treating the injured worker.

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