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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different


Experts in Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Prior to representing Georgia’s working class, Bryan Ramos was trained by one of the largest workers’ compensation defense firms in Georgia. There, Mr. Ramos represented many large self-insured and insurance carriers. However, Mr. Ramos identified better with the injured workers rather than the large insurance companies and decided to represent their interests instead of in 2005.

Mr. Ramos is considered an expert in the workers’ compensation field, and he has consistently been recognized as having the “Highest Possible Peer review Rating in Legal Ability and Ethical Standards“ by Martindale-Hubbell.

He also consistently carries the highest rating by Avvo and has been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine and Atlanta Magazine. Likewise, R. Chinny Law has been recognized as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers and was awarded as one of Georgia Trend’s Legal Elite.

Client Focused Representation

Unlike many injury law firms, our Firm’s focus is on the injured worker’s current well-being, best possible recovery, and life after the claim. If Ramos & Law accepts your case, we will put your interests before ours. As a client, you will have a dedicated legal team working to provide you with the best possible options for you and your family. You will not be “just another client”. We will understand your medical, career, and financial goals for having the best quality of life during and after the claim.

Driven By Honesty

At Ramos & Law, we pride ourselves on making a genuine connection with our clients. We will not promise you miracles or provide you with a “sales pitch.” We believe that if you have been injured at work, the last thing you need is someone who will be dishonest with you. If we accept your case, that means we believe in you, and we believe we can help you maximize your claim. It means we will care about you and your family and we will stand up in court for you to fight for your rights and recovery. If we do not recover for you, we do not get paid.

Free Consultation

Have you or someone you love been hurt at work? There are certain deadlines in the Georgia Workers’ Comp system. Fill out the contact form below for a free consultation to examine your rights, or call us at (770) 637-0105, even if you’ve been denied benefits.

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    case victories

    back strain

    An employee worked for a manufacturer of outdoor power products in Middle Georgia. His job required him to pull a pallet material across the work area. As a result, he experienced a back strain. The manufacturer denied the claim and contested his need for medical care. Ramos & Law was able to secure helpful diagnostic scans and meaningful medical care for the injured worker. After a few months of litigation, the parties reached a settlement of $65,000 with a $2,000 dollar advance.

    foot injury

    An employee was stocking heavy merchandise for a large retailer in Columbus, Georgia. During the course of her job duties, a stocking cart of the merchandise fell on her right foot and great toe. The national retailer sent her to their doctors but she received very little relief of their treatment and care. The attorneys at Ramos & Law were able to navigate her medical care to more qualified doctors where she received a better standard of care. As she reached maximum medical improvement, the large retailer settled the claim for over $100,000.

    back strain

    An employee was working part-time for a large automotive parts store. The employee fell off a ladder injuring his teeth, neck, ribs, and spine. After exhausting conservative medical care, physical therapy, injection regimens, and medication, it became clear that this injured employee required surgery on multiple levels of his spine. While the insurance company fought the surgery, Ramos & Law was able to force the insurance company into paying for the surgery and associated therapies. In fact, Ramos & Law was able to refer and assist the worker in obtaining federal disability benefits. This part-time employee settled his case for $185,000 plus unlimited medical care for the remainder of his claim.

    low back

    A pediatric physician injured his back while assisting a child off an examining room table. As a result, the herniated several discs in his spine and triggered depressive episodes for the employee. While the insurance company denied medical care for numerous symptoms, Ramos & Law was able to secure quality medical care for the employee which included psychiatric treatment, a spinal cord stimulator, and on-going income benefits at the maximum workers’ compensation rate. At the end of the case, the matter settled for a figure close to $250,000.

    shoulder injury

    An employee at a beverage maker in Atlanta was stocking many cases of merchandise when she tore her rotator cuff and caused severe neck pain. The beverage maker initially denied medical care but later approved treatment. Ramos & Law was able to navigate the claim so that the injured employee received surgery and meaningful after-care. After months attempting to return to work, it was clear that the employer was not able to accommodate her medical limitations. As a result, the case settled for $115,000.

    The Most Common Mistake People
    Make in Navigating Workers’ Compensation.

    Most injured workers are very overwhelmed in the wake of a serious accident. They don’t know where to begin. When hurt, people need immediate medical attention, and typically contact their health insurance agency. The insurance agent will likely encourage the worker to not seek legal help. Following this advice is the single most common and potentially devastating mistake an injured worker can make.

    Insurance companies benefit when injured workers do not seek legal counsel. The injured worker does not. Georgia workers’ compensation laws are highly complex. The insurance companies know the laws, and will strive to make people feel comfortable that the employee is in good hands. But the fact is, there are many components to the legal system that can turn the tide on your compensation outcome.

    Don’t be fooled by insurance adjusters or case managers who seem as though they have your best interest at heart. An attorney wins only when you do. You have everything to gain by hiring a rock solid attorney–and everything to lose by going it alone. Don’t go it alone! We are your partner in the workers’ compensation process.

    Ramos & Law

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    Free Consultation

    Have you or someone you love been hurt at work? There are certain deadlines in the Georgia Workers’ Comp system. Fill out the contact form below for a free consultation to examine your rights, or call us at (770) 637-0105, even if you’ve been denied benefits.

      * We value your privacy, all information is kept  strictly confidential.