One step at a time for Danielle B.

When Danielle Bostic slipped and fell on her job as a front-end manager, she had no idea how her life would change as the result of what seemed like a minor sprain. After months of a worsening injury and inability to work, Danielle was about to lose everything she had ever worked for.Danielles workers compensation claim “I talked to a lot of lawyers who didn’t want to take my case,” Danielle told us about her quest to get help through workers’ compensation. “I had pretty much given up by the time I called the folks at Ramos Law. But I thank God I made that call. Bryan and Gail helped turn my life around.” Danielle sprained her ankle as the result of that fall. It was a nuisance, but at first it seemed like a problem she could work around. Like many employees in her situation, Danielle took her medication and went back to work in an ankle brace. With worsening pain over the next few weeks, Danielle began taking frequent sick days. Her store manager put her on a leave of absence without pay as the result of missed work. What started as an ankle sprain became a ligament sprain, causing significant pain all the way up to her back and neck. Several weeks after her accident and deep into medical bills, Danielle was virtually incapacitated. By the time she talked to Bryan and Gail at The Ramos Law Firm she had spurs in her ankle and spasms in her back. Feeling depressed and helpless, Danielle moved in with her sister for support. Bryan Ramos immediately wired in to what needed to be done to get Danielle back on her feet, starting with a recommendation for more aggressive treatment for the complex set of injuries that resulted from the on-the-job fall. “Bryan broke everything down for me: explaining my rights as an injured worker, guiding me to find new doctors, and encouraging me. Gail would take my call at 11:00 pm to reassure me and answer questions.”Danielles workers compensation claim Six months after her injury, Danielle is on-the-mend and has finalized her settlement. This upbeat lady tells us she just wants to ‘get back to work.’ “The next time I see Bryan, it will be a personal call. I don’t want this to ever happen again!” Would Danielle recommend The Ramos Law Firm to another injured worker? “Absolutely,” she says. “Bryan and Gail are amazing because they care about me as a person. They sympathized with everything I was going through; they’re more like family than law professionals. I will always be grateful.”

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