Police Officers and Firefighters Denied Benefits

Atlanta police and firefighters appear to have been kept in-the-dark on disability payments that may have been owed to them, according to WSB-TV. The retired and disabled men and women claim they’re owed more than $30,000, according to the news station. Some of the police officers and firefighters denied benefits say they had been misled about their eligibility for payments.

Disability or Workers’ Compensation?


Credit- WSB-TV Atlanta

The officers and firefighters reportedly say the insurance was part of a standard policy offered to city employees in the form of life insurance, but were eligible for payment if a disability forced them to leave the force early. Only one person out of many retired officers and firefighters interviewed had been made aware of the policy.

In one case, a firefighter was told he was not eligible for the disability policy because he was on workers’ compensation. This is a good example of why it is important for injured workers, including our police and firefighters, to get third-party assistance and advice to ensure they are getting the benefits they need and deserve. Insurance companies—even those representing city workers—do not have the workers’ best interest at heart.

The issue of whether a worker is eligible for both disability and workers’ compensation is not black and white. An attorney can look at the case and help devise the best solution for the injured person.

We find it regrettable that our hard-working Georgia police officers and firefighters are not treated with the utmost respect, especially when injured on-the-job. Ramos & Law has been advocating for injured workers for a decade. We practice 100% Georgia workers’ compensation law, carrying some of the of the highest legal credentials in the industry.