These are the most hardest working, kindess, caring lawyers I’ve ever meet. They informed me of all my rights as well as made all the legal process simple an easy for me who do not know anything about this process. They also have a awesome team who not only look at this a job but truly care about their clients feeling better not only physically but financially also. I thank God for them if it wasn’t for them going to bat for me against these big companies not only me but my family would be financially hurt big time and would have lost everything but thanks to The Ramos & Law  they want able to get my weekly checks that was originally denied immediately approved as well as all my doctor appointment, medication, x-rays, and physical therapy paid for in full. They get to work on your case immediately and very efficient they got me a awesome settlement when originally my case was denied. I will refer any one who is hurt in a work related accident the Ramos & Law information if they want the best!!!!

At the close of your workers’ compensation case, it is common to be uneasy and feel uncertain about “where do I go from here.”  Recovering from a physical injury and potentially changing jobs or a careers can be very traumatic and overwhelming.

  • What is “life” going to be like after the workers’ compensation case is done?  
  • Will I be able to secure healthcare since I have pre-existing condition”?
  • Will I be able to return to the workforce?
  • How long will the settlement money last me?
  • I am eligible for Social Security?

At Ramos & Law, the closing of your workers’ compensation claim does not mean that you are on your own.  Once you are a part of Ramos & Law, you will always be.   

Coping with this “new normal” can be frightening.   We are here to help.   

Engaging in our “Life After The Claim” program uniquely provides our clients valuable insights into securing healthcare insurance, financial management, and tailored estate pla nning.  

Our dedicated lawyers and staff will connect you with our extensive network so that you have a plan which may address your needs. We will also provide you resources to return to the workforce, if you are capable, or secure the necessary training to be competitive in today’s job market.  If you are simply unable to return to work, we can also help you secure federal disability benefits. 

We aim to help you design the next chapter of your life while considering the best options for you and the ones you love. 

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