An injury to the spine may cause pain stemming from the employee’s low back to the base of her neck. These injuries may cause a tremendous amount of pain and immobility that may affect even the simplest of everyday activities. In a workers’ compensation setting, the occupational back or neck injury claims can take an employee out of work for weeks, months, or even years. In severe cases, the spinal injury may be devastating and catastrophic.

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The back or neck injury can occur in every work setting. These accidents happen in the office buildings, factories, stock yards, lawyers’ offices, construction sites, and all places in between. Similarly, the severity of spinal injuries may vary from the simple muscle strain to a herniation of the spinal disc to a fractured spinal cord. Generally, a doctor who specializes in orthopedics or neurology would be in the best position to evaluate and treat the injured worker.

When a muscle in your back or neck is “strained”, this normally means that the muscle fibers have been stretched out of its normal positioning. A back or neck “sprain” occurs when the ligaments in the respective area become torn to some degree. Both conditions may produce the same sort of pain and discomfort. Moreover, the treatment plans may be similar. The treating doctor will likely order x-rays, MRI’s, or CT scans. These diagnostic tests are aimed at ruling out more serious damage to the injured employee’s spine. More serious spinal injuries may include herniated or ruptured discs. Generally, a herniated disc occurs when the spinal disc nucleus “leaks” out of the outer disc margin. This fluid leakage may press on the spinal nerves producing pain. Sometimes folks may refer to this condition as a “pinched nerve.”

Many workers suffering from a disc herniation complain of “radiculopathy” or pain shooting down the injured employee’s leg. The treatment for a herniated disc condition begins with conservative measures such as resting and use of anti-inflammatory medication. If this regimen is not helping, then the treating physician may offer epidural steroid injection therapy to the injured employee. This injection may provide direct medication to the problem disc. Also, physical therapy and the use of a “TENS unit” are commonly prescribed. In the event that the conservative treatment plan does not help, surgery such as a microlaminotomy or discectomy may be required. Additionally, a pain management plan may be utilized. As with any work injury, an accident involving a worker’s back and spine should not be taken lightly. It is important to be well informed about the medical options and risks involved.

The attorneys of the Ramos Law Firm have handled hundreds of cases involving spinal injuries and their effect on an employee’s ability to return to work. We extend compassionate and accommodating legal services to you as an injured worker. We understand the pain caused by an accident on the job can be debilitating. Our firm can help you obtain workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your medical care and a portion of your lost income. If you are experiencing depression in the wake of a work-related injury, we can help you. Contact us today.


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